Cauldron Black Ram The Poisoner album cover

Cauldron Black Ram - The Poisoner Maxi EP

i. The Poisoner
ii. Corpse Chariot
iii. Beast in the Brass
iv. Infernal Interjections

[Digipak] Abysmal Sounds, 2011. [LP] Parasitic

Cauldron Black Ram ejaculate unto your ears, 4 abrasions…4 oblations… nay, 4 grand destructive dirges to taint the blood and heart rot-black!

An ear pummeling follow up to the "Slubberdegullion" full-length (released by Weird Truth and Blood Harvet in 2010). Unlimited Jewel Case version of "The Poisoner Maxi-EP" to be released by Abysmal Sounds in early 2012 and the Vinyl version by Parasitic Records in 2012.

"The Poisoner Maxi-EP" will burst open your stereo speakers, stride into your room and molest indiscriminately, bent on the simultaneous pleasure and pain of all in earshot. Olden schooled classic Australian DeatHeavy Metal since 1996.

Hear a sample of [The Poisoner] here.

Further information from the band´s website: [Cauldron Black Ram]

Cauldron Black Ram The Poisoner digipak cover

Digipak CD $12
Comes with sticker and badge.