Kulturkampf White Pillars cover

Kulturkampf - White Pillars

1. Intro - Mists of Antiquity
2. Wanderlust
3. Vent D´est
4. Sun Temple
5. Interlude - Beneath the Cloak of Valfreyja
6. Immortal Blood of the White Wolves
7. Hammerblow
8. Interlude - Stargazer
9. The Right to Decide
10. To Dare, To Burn, To Fight (Forest Cover)
11. Outro - Through Loki´s Eyes

Abysmal Sounds, 2013

Pro-Cassette $6

"White Pillars" is the third offering from dedicated Australian black metal horde KULTURKAMPF. Gloss covers, tapes are black print on white shell. Pro-cassette.

Further information: [Abysmal Sounds]