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Ragnarok - Of Ages

1. Sunset Over Middle Earth (intro) /
Across the Sea to Niflheim | 06:11
2. Legion of Death [1991] | 04:49
3. Thunderhammer | 03:57
4. Samhain | 05:54
5. Rememberance of Innocence | 03:36
6. Pertemhru | 03:26
7. Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi | 05:54
8. Sons of Odin | 06:14
9. Vampyra (Spectral Maiden) | 06:55
10. Legion of Death [1987] | 05:18
11. River of Life | 02:21
12. Ride of the Valkyries /
Of Gods and Norns (outro) | 11:08
13. Heart of Steel | 04:50

Total playing time | 70:33 min.

CD $15
Posted anywhere for $2.95

Aurora Australis, 2011

RAGNAROK, hailing from the earliest days of Folk / Black Metal deliver this compilation of re‐mastered songs spanning the bands existence.

Musically "Of Ages" reveals the diversity of RAGNAROK exploring the extremes of the genre with both Black Metal and acoustic folk music.

RAGNAROK, cannot be compared or classified with many modern contemporaries, offering a range of styles that maintain your attention. Driving Heavy Metal riffs, thrashing Black Metal with howling vocals arranged around melodic passages or entire tracks (River of Life).

You will find "Of Ages” to contains tracks from the bands three demos "Völuspá”, "Ragnarok” and "Beloved of the Raven God", together with bonus tracks featured on their albums "To Mend the Oaken Heart” and "Domgeorn” and unreleased material including the original version of the cult classic "Legion of Death” from 1987, all re‐mastered for this release.

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