catacomb following the call cover

Catacomb - Following the Call

1. Prelude to a Primitive Age
2. Primitive Steel
3. Requiem in Procession
4. Following Its Call
5. Awake and Greet Night
6. In the Maelstrom of Remorse
7. Amidst Wisdom and Instinct (live)
8. Wrath of the Tyrant (live)
9. Following Its Call (2000)
20. Somewhere on the Astral Plane

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Aurora Australis, 2018

CATACOMB was formed in Brisbane, Australia around 2000. They played a unique style of fast but evocative style of Black Metal drawing influences from Emperor, Satyricon & Enslaved; as well as Dissection & Kvist. The band recorded two demos (never officially released) and played a number of gigs with bands like Astriaal, Spear of Longinus, Urgrund and Vomitor. Their first performance was in 2000 to open for Deströyer 666.

"Following the Call" is a record of Catacomb's output, including both demos and two live tracks recorded in Brisbane in 2003.

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