anatomy where angels die cover

Anatomy - Where Angels Die

1. Last Pleasures for Those of the Apocalypse of Hate
2. Under the Wings
3. Armagedoom
4. Forbidden Realms
5. The Call for Doom
6. Where Angels Die

7. The Frozen Darkness 8. Under the Wings (studio 1994)
9. Armagedoom (remix 2016)
10. The Call for Doom (remix 2016)

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Aurora Australis, 2018

"Where Angels Die" has a rocky history, alike the band ANATOMY themselves. The album was recorded in 1995, though shelved by Modern Invasion music for over two years, before it was finally released in 1997. The delay left ANATOMY pondering their future as they watched the Black and Death Metal genres prosper while they waited on the sidelines. Looking back, the band say they find it is hard to decipher whether it was deliberate sabotage or just unprofessional behaviour on the part of the label Ė that nearly destroyed the band.

Now, over two decades later the album has been fully repacked with new artwork via Sebastian Mazuera, complete remastering by Jason Fuller @ Goatsound and includes three bonus tracks Under the Wings (studio demo 1994) and The Call for Doom and Armageddoom remixed and remastered by Adam Calaitzis of Toyland Studios from the original reels and the inputs.

For fans of the original True Australian Black Death Metal Underground and for those who donít side with politics of the weak sheep of left and right.

Malkuth, Father of Thought. The Word is called "Chaos"

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